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Intuitive and easy
top price performance ratio


With our cast steel machine bed, the machine is robust and durable.

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Intuitive and easy

Intuitive operation saves you time and allows you to operate the machine in minutes.

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Top price performance ratio

Are you realizing your market potential? With the GWDress you get a dressing machine at a top price-performance ratio.

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This is what our dressing machine stands for

Why should you choose a GWD Industrial dressing machine? Machines are no longer built the way they used to be. A lot more electronics are going into it and corners are being cut. 

With the GWDress, we have therefore tried to bring a robust, simple and inexpensive machine onto the market, which nevertheless meets all requirements.

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Copper-tungsten electrodes

Our electrodes have a much better performance due to a special material mixture.

Due to the special composition and the production process, our electrodes are free of voids and inclusions and therefore do not cause time-consuming machine downtimes. We provide our customers with the best quality to further increase the performance of their equipment.

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Customers who already trust in GWD Industrial

"Julian W."
"Bernhard Z."

"The GWDress has an incredibly great price-performance ratio. We are thrilled with the added value it offers us."

"With the electrodes from GWD, we have been able to significantly improve our downtimes. The machines run without downtime and can also use the time without downtime during ghost shifts"

Sustanability at GWD

We want to do something good for the world. By purchasing a used machine, we offer you 
machine, we offer you the opportunity to reduce the burden on the world's resources
the resources of the world less.

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